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Yang Style Instructional Videos

You've been asking for it! Now they're here. We now have two videos available at CHI. Both videos were shot in Mexico in April, 2001.
To order, call (704) 895-6788 or email us at classes@chionline.com

Tai Chi Fundamentals Video (30 minutes) - $25.00 now only $10, DVD $30

Included in this video are all the basics needed to prepare oneself for learning the form. This tape follows the same order of teaching that is taught in our Tai Chi Fundamentals classes, so it's a great way to stay up to date with your instruction. Here's a list of what is covered on the tape:

Shift/spin (side to side)  
Shift/spin (front to back)  
Wash the Horse's back (single)  
Wash the Horse's back (double)  
Circle Hands (single)  
Circle Hands (double) 
Basic Walk 
Advanced walk (with arm swing) 
Advanced walk (with Circle Hands) 


Tai Chi Simplified Form (60 minutes) - VHS $35.00 now only $15, DVD $40

This instructional video contains all the basic movements and the advance movements of the Yang Style Simplified form taught as individual movements and in short collective movements. The form is also show in short segments and includes the entire form at the end.

This tape follows the instructional sequence taught in class and is a great supplement to your class studies.

Tai Chi for the Living Room - Coming soon.

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