Chi Gong #2

  1. Stand with heels together, spine straight, navel soft, tongue touching the roof of your mouth, arms hanging lightly at your side, facing north, in a meditative state.
  2. Exhale and shift your weight to the right, as your left foot steps slightly left.
  3. Breathe in and let your arms circle upwards in an elliptical shape.
    Breathe out as you lower your arms to your side and turn your fight toe straight. Your feet are now shoulder width apart.
  4. Breathe in - your arms float up, fingers leading upward and pointing NE & NW.
  5. Breathe out - wrists straighten.
  6. In - the right wrist covers the left wrist in front of body.
  7. Out-- press down to navel, slightly rounding middle of back
  8. In - bring wrists up to heart. In - (filling chest) palms turn up and go to hips.
  9. Out - bend knees and thrust fingers forward, relaxing kidneys.
  10. In - separate hands, still palms up, to NE & NW.
  11. Out-- no change.
  12. In - curl hands into fist near ears. In - rotate thumb of fist downward.
  13. Out - uncurl fists, palms down, arms shoulder high to E & W.
  14. Rotate palms up.
  15. In - (1/3) curl hands into fists near ears.
    In - (1/3) lists go up to top of head (filling chest).
    In - (1/3) fists go a few inches higher (filling chest more).
    Out - stretch arms up, fingers pointing diagonally upward, standing on toes, like a cat.
  16. In - right wrist on left, press down to navel and palms up to hips.
  17. Out -. left palm on fight, thumbs touching, in front of navel.
  18. In- turn to left, twisting everything, including eyes.
  19. Out- turn to front. Repeat, twisting to right.
    (Repeat entire sequence two more times).
  20. In - lift watermelon to breast.
  21. Out - bend at waist and touch toes. Don't exert too much.
    (Repeat whole sequence two more times).
  22. In - bend knees and cross arms in front of chest (left on inside).
  23. Out - left hand rotates over head, palm to sky, fingers E, while fight hand presses down to earth, fingers N (repeat, reversing arms) (repeat whole sequence two more times)
    Variation: stretch backwards as you stretch upwards.
  24. In - cross arms in front of chest, bend knees slightly.
  25. Out - turn palms out and press down to navel.
  26. In - (1/3) lift wrists to breasts.
  27. In - (1/3) drop arms and hold watermelon near navel (filling chest).
    In - (1/3) lift watermelon to breasts.
    Out - turn palms down and press downwards, bending knees slightly.
  28. In - rise up and arms float up shoulder high, then elbows bend until fingers are pointing towards each other in front of heart.
  29. Out - bend knees and press palms down toward navel, relaxing kidneys.
  30. In - stand up and arms float shoulder high, elbows bend and fingers interlace near heart.
  31. Out - arms drop and clasped fingers rotate upwards as they reach the navel.

Class Registration

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