Grandmaster Qian Timing

Grandmaster Joe Martin was a personal student of Qian Xinyu (Todd Qian), son of Grandmaster Qian Timing. Qian Xinyu and his brother have been learning Taiji from their father since early childhood.
The most important aspect of training from Qian Xinyu was the philosophy of Wudang Dan martial arts and its relationship to LIFE. The fundamentals of Wudang are the foundations of Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as Daoist principles.

Grandmaster Qian Timing is a 7 Duan high level Taiji master, the twelfth generation lineage holder of Wudang Dan Pai and award-winner for many research findings and competitions in internal martial arts from China. Qian Timing is a 3rd Generation Master the Changzhou branch of Wu Dang Free-Step Taijiquan.

There were originally 9 branches of the Wudang style (Zi, Zhu, Ji, Fu, Jian, Qi, Fu, Chou and Dan). Wudang Dan is the 9th branch, and the only one to survive today (as far as we know). Dan means elixir and refers to the fusion of of Jing. Mr. Qian is the 12th generation successor of the style and can trace the lineage all the way back to the founder, Zhang San-Feng. Mei-hui, Qian Timing's inside student, has processed a translation of the lineage and it is listed in Vol. 29, No.3 issue of T'AI CHI magazine.

The most recent lineage is that Mr. Qian was taught by Yang Kui-Shan (1903-1977), also knwon as Lin Fu  who was one of the successors of General Li Jing Lin (1884-1931), also known as Fang Chen. 

Wu Na Chang (Mr. Qian's student who gave me this lineage) credits General Li with the current look of the style. He was a very famous general/warlord in the 19th century. He was especially known for his swordsmanship. 

The main distinguishing feature of Wudang Dan Pai is the sword forms (there are 2, a short form with 39 moves and a long form with 140 moves). There are 3 open hand forms. These open hand forms were created from a blend of Yang tai chi, Bagua and Chin Na (or Shin Ye). The flowing hand movements come from the Tai chi. The free step footwork comes from Bagua. The straight in strikes come from Chin Na. 

Zhang San-Feng: Originator 
Zhang Song-Xi: First Generation
Zhao Tai-Bin: 2nd Generation
Wang Jui-Cheng: 3rd Generation
Yan Xi-Sheng: 4th Generation
Lu Shi-Niang: 5th Generation
Li Da Nian: 6th Generation
Chen Yin-Chang: 7th Generation
Zhang Ye-He: 8th Generation
Song Wei-Yi: 9th Generation
Li Jing-lin: 10th Generation
Yang Kui-Shan: 11th Generation
Qian Timing: 12th Generation

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