Beijing Yang Style Tai Chi Set

As taught by Joe Martin
(24 Movements)
Movement Name Direction
First Section
Opening Movement South
Part the wild horse's mane (3) East
The white crane spreads its wings East
Second Section
Brush knee and press forward (3) East
Strum the Pei Pa East
repulse the monkey (4) East
Third Section
Grasp the bird's tail-left East
Grasp the bird's tail-right West
Fourth Section
Single whip East
Wave hands like clouds-left (4) - right (4) South
Single whip East
Fifth Section
High pat on the horse's back East
Kick with right heel  West
Strike opponent's ears with both fists West
Turn and kick with left heel  East
Sixth Section
Snake creeps down - left East
Golden Cock Stands on Left Leg East
Snake creeps down - right East
Golden Cock Stands on Right Leg East
Seventh Section
Jade Lady Works Shuttles - both sides East
Needle to the sea bottom East
Fan Through Back East
Eighth Section
Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch West
Apparent close up West
Cross hands South
Closing form South

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